Which stainless steel railing is better?

Stainless Steel is the best material of preference for glass railing systems, however the huge differences in types of steel can be surprising. This is what you need to know for determining the best material for the next custom railing system project.

In the design and manufacture of stainless railing systems, three kinds of steel dominate:

Carbon steel
Grade 304 stainless
Grade 316 stainless

Whether you decide on carbon or stainless for a railing system, you should take your application and total cost of ownership under consideration before deciding the material to be utilized, combined with the following factors:

The environmental surroundings in which the railing system is usually to be placed,
The amount of traffic the railing is likely to bear,
Expected maintenance level,
Project budget and so on.

Carbon stainless railing system

Advantages: rugged, durable, lower prices.

Best for: indoor railing systems

Maintenance: the outer lining must certanly be protected with paints and other materials

Carbon steel contains around 2% carbon and is hard and strong. It is the most affordable of the three main steels utilized in railing systems and is most effective for indoor use with minimal exposure to environmental contaminants.

However, unlike stainless steel, carbon steel features a low corrosion resistance, which means a defensive layer is required. Typically the most popular way of protection is powder coating, which prevents corrosion and comes in a variety of colors.

Although carbon steel is a cheap option, it does require regular maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. The maintenance of the carbon steel railing system will include frequent checks for overall wear, and exposure of bare carbon steel surface must certanly be avoided which can, without proper maintenance, rust and corrode rapidly. Poor maintenance of carbon steel railing systems can cause costly repairs or repaints, and thus should be avoided if the budget is adequate.

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